A word of comfort to the married men
March 19 2002 at 9:23 AM

Last Sunday I went for dinner with my wife and several of her j-girl friends in a restraunt in London. Throughout the dinner she was charming, witty, made efforts to get me involved (even if they were talking about hand bags etc), looked great and reminded me just how lucky I am. And it made me think those gai-jin who live in Japan with 12 gilfriends on the go don't have anything to shout about, there's little to no competition (and the last M&M in the packet will always look like the tastiest sweet on offer). They meet these women and have flings with them....how hard is that!? A real sense of satisfaction comes from knowing that my wonderful wife gave up living in a country she loves, left the family she's very close to to come and live with me. now that feels good.


(Note to self - Must try to stop writing unconvincing arguments on YD forum! Am becoming uncool stereotypical deluded married man in the eyes of coller YD's)

And another thing...what's with this Young Dude business? I expressly reserve the right to call myself '30-something dude'

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