I thought there was nothing wrong with the thread..
August 5 2001 at 1:21 AM
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..yeah this site might regain it's coolness if we didn't have 16 year old virgins lurking around all the time pretending like they've got shit to contribute. Not that I know anyone like that around these parts of course.
Dude, try reading some of the old posts, there's a lot of good material back there.

In answer to yoyo, there's quite a few reasons why us whiteys dig asian chicks. Mostly it's because we like girls who have flat ass's. Okay just a joke. Seriously though, a lot of us ask ourselves that very question? what is it that's so appealing about Asian chicks? fuck knows, dudette.
Speaking for myself I'd say it's probably the adventure of going out with someone so different from myself. It's kind of daring and exciting. To top that, I'm crazy about asian food, and I find the culture absorbing too (don't get any weird visions of me as some freak who memorises Japanese haiku poems and sleeps in a futon or anything like that though). I find that because I know a lot about asian stuff, I tend to have a lot more in common with Asian girls than Western girls, bizarre as it sounds. And let's not forget that Asian girls are damn fine, I mean, show any white dude a pic of a really beautiful asian chick like Sung Hi Lee and they'll hum for some. The difference between us and 'them' is that we're more adventurous and open-minded.

And probably better looking too.

Some people prefer Japanese over Chinese and Korean, or vice versa. It's just a matter of taste. But don't ask us why there's a preference for Asian chicks, because most of us wouldn't be able to tell you. you'd be better off trying to find the answer in some interacial sociology book.



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