The Killer
January 25 2001 at 10:00 PM

Response to Serious? a load of fun, but cheesy as they come. That's it's charm. It wouldn't be very good if they re-did it with hollywood "stars" and a big budget...that charm would be lost, Woo would take himself too seriously, and it'd be a mess. You feel the same way probably for the same reason. The crummy little bars "Jenny" sings in would be upgraded, which would be bad...she's a singer in a cheap bar, not someone waiting to break out. The dialog would be cleaned up, which would make the scene where MickeyMouse and Dumbo meet in the apartment totally unbelievable instead of just side-splittingly absurd. "We're not that close..." "I'm going to the bathroom... Hey, I'll come..."

I didn't mean to insult the film...not at all...I love The Killer, and think Woo should have stayed put. Forein financing, sure...but to turn your back on your roots...even if you can't mike a dime in HK because of piracy...I dunno. All I know is MI2 was idiotic, Broken Arrow was less than idiotic and not even very interesting...what's next on his plate, James?


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