January 13 2001 at 12:36 AM

Response to <BUMP!>

My name is Akuma. I am a 13 year old peckerwood from the backhills of Turkey. Speaking of turkey, I like to choke my turkey neck constantly. In fact I'm masturbating furiously right now. My parents got a free America Online account last week and I'm busy using up all 600 hours, but the other day my mom caught me wanking and made me stop for an hour or two. So now I'm making up for it by flaming some forum I found. I think it's about asian girls but I can't read that well so I'm not sure. Before now, I was on a different forum but then the gays said I made them look bad and told me to leave. What is a bum burgler, and why do people keep calling me that? The gays wouldn't tell me.

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