Update for those interested
August 5 2001 at 1:57 AM

Sorry for the absence lately. It's hard to post here when you're with a girl most of the time.

Well, I had to leave Tokyo and now I'm home again. The job called and needed me to return. I'm sorry that I won't be able to get together with the YD's in Tokyo in August. I made some good contacts this week so I am trying to get a job so that I can stay for a few years being a programmer or writing music for video games.
I plan on returning in 2 or 3 months. I hope.

The girl I have been staying with is coming to visit me in 2 weeks. She's awesome. This was my first experience with a Japanese girl falling hard and fast . She took off from work every day to be with me.
She says 'daisuki' all the time but I'm not sure if it means "I like you a lot" or "I love you". or what.

I had to buy a new peice of luggage to carry all the stuff she gave me. Amazing. I don't know what it is. I'm kind of shy and quiet actually. There's no way I could get a girl like this in the U.S. Kris' cartoon about the geek coming to Japan and then becoming mega popular is true.

The 4 girls that I went to that club with have vacation
in August or early Sept. and they just happen to all be coming to my city. At the time I told them that they could stay at my place but now I have my girlfriend (I guess she's my girlfriend now. I am not sure. We haven't discussed that term yet) coming at that time. I will have to tell the Racequeen and the rest that I am out of town or something. I really like this girl so I don't want to hurt her or anyone else for that matter.

One thing I hate about coming back to the U.S. is the noticeable decrease in the percentage of attractive women. What's the deal with Japan, anyway? There are so many attractive women that it almost seems unnatural. I have a very hard time not looking at other women when I'm walking with my girl. I notice that she watches my eyes too. It's very hard to not look. First I see a hot babe then I have to look away very quickly so I don't get caught but then that probably looks suspicious also. Sometimes I just try to look at only the ground or a tall building or something. It's uncomfortable. Anyone else have this problem?


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