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July 31 2001 at 6:17 AM

Response to My last few days

This was not a story. It was a historical documentary depicting actual events in Roppongi and Ikebukuro on Saturday. You know what's funny? When all of this was happening I was thinking about everyone here. I kept saying to myself "I can't wait to tell the -swish-kiss-tongue- guys at Young Dude's. Damn! They are not going to believe it.-Kiss-Kiss-feel-feel-kiss-hug-lick- Maybe I shouldn't-slurp-choke-grind-kiss- tell them. Ok, I not going to tell them. -smile-grab-feel- They will think I am lying. -pinch-giggle-wiggle-rub-. Damn! I gotta tell somebody!!!"

That was what I was thinking the whole time. I don't drink so much because I am a sports nut and I go to the gym and try to be really healthy and all that so I was very drunk. The free drinks thing was cool because I remember thinking when we got there that I would have to spend a whole lot of money on drinks because this place seemed takai. Also, I didn't mention before that it seemed that many people had cameras in this club. There were often flashes going off. I don't recall seeing so many pictures being taken at a bar but then again I don't remember seeing a dozen naked japanese guys and girls 15 feet away from me while 4 girls are taking turns dancing on me either. Maybe this was a swing club or something. I don't know.

I am the first one to admit that I am not very handsome or a babe magnet at all. But while in Japan the girls seem to like me. To often I strike out back home because I am cursed with nice-guy syndrome or some other reasons.

This story was fact and I could, but I won:t, provide some evidence such as the racequeen's website or the name of the club. I will say that it is in Roppongi
heading towards Tokyo Tower, past Gas panic about 3 to 5 blocks so it is a ways past the really hopping area.
It's an underground club and there was a really big
Japanese guy and also a woman standing outside looking at everyone that wants to get in and rejecting some of them kind of like in the U.S. at a super chic club a la Studio 54 or something where you only get in if you
have a certain look. I don't of course but I had contacts.

Also, I have to add that I am not interested in Japan only for the women. There is lots here to see and do and I spend a lot of time learning the history,culture and language.

Today she were are going to the planetarium at Sunshine City and then an onsen somewhere. I have never done that yet. One thing about her though is that she doesn't like me to look at her body too much.
She always wants the lights out. I always try to look at her with her leopard skin underwear or just bra and panties but she always covers up and acts shy etc.
Sigh. So actually, I have never really seen her naked.
Last night I tried with a little extra force to get her to let me just look at her for a while but she wouldn't let me.

Okay, I'm rambling now. You guys can believe what you want.

I will keep you posted if anything happens that is worthy of reporting.

Truthfully yours,


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