You lucky bastard.
April 24 2002 at 11:03 PM

Response to PAIZURI

UH Manoa is Asian Babe Central! Local Asian babes would be the best to hook up with. They can show you around, the food, the bars, the beaches, the parties. UH Manoa is my alum. here are literally hundreds of J-Girls too. Usually there for anywhere from 3 months to four years either studying English in the ESL program there. I hung out with a sweet, funny gorgeous Japanese babe named Tomok there. One day I crashed at her little studio apartment in Waikiki. We had a wonderful evening together and in the morning she gets up to make me some instant coffee. She's boiling the water and "Knock" "Knock"...Her Dad who just flew in for Osaka!! We both about had a bowell movement!! I remember grabbing my clothes and hiding on the lanai (patio) and holding my breath!! We both are looking at each SHIT!! We both have a finger over our lips giving each other the "shhhhhh" sign! Like either of us were gonna say one peep! Well he banged and called out "Tomoko Chan!!" "Otosan yo!!" For what seemed like forever!! He finally tired and I guess figured she was not home!! She dam near cried in relief when he finally left. He would have had her behind on the next plane home and given me a thrashing. And I would have let him, curled up in the fetal position. Not because I am a pussy, but hell I would have deserved it and taken my beating like a man! Well I slipped out a few minutes later, thank god he was not waiting in the hallway. Anyway don't sweat the activities. If you ae an AAA you will be in AAA Heaven. The activities will bounce off you non-stop. You lucky bastard!

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