uh, no not really.....
April 26 2002 at 2:59 AM

Response to just curious

If anything, I would say that the japanese chicks I meet in the US are, on the average, a notch higher than the median level of looks in Japan. This is just based on my experience, but I was in Akita, which is supposedly the dream-groping grounds for millions of oyaji salary-men everywhere.

I have a personal theory on this: namely that girls who come overseas will tend to be more assertive and less satisfied with the status quo, and as part of such assertiveness, will take better personal care of themselves. Of course that probably leaves them more receptive to feminist rhetoric. Personally I don't mind that as I'd rather screw a "feminist" who knows what she likes and whats going on down there, then someone who just lies there like a dead fish. The "uh-uh. ii kamo shirenai" thing is pretty boring.

Its not that hard to bed a feminist. Just don't be a jerk. Or a pussy. (Not saying that anyone's either of these.)

Anyway- just my theory. Feel free to critique as you see fit.


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