Teach english my ass!
December 3 2000 at 6:57 PM

Response to jealous misconceptions

Most of the guys that teach ESL, teach only because they're a bunch of losers back home. Can't get laid, so they go to Japan cuz the Jap broads loves anything foregin. They are easy as hell. Even that guy looks like Chris Forley ,they think he's god damm Brad Pitt. U only need half a brian to teach english. The requriements are pathetic. Those losers loves to hear" how you say"?? "Me love You long
time". Yeah man you're one of them losers. I don't see
Tom Cruise going to Japan to get laid. I don't see any
decent white famous guy is going out w/ a asian broad.

I 'd rather have Liz Hurley than those bowed legs high maintenance, high pitch voice, bimbo jap for a girlfriend.

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