I'm an oddity
August 17 2000 at 1:53 PM

Response to A little dead here...how about a "community building" activity?

I agree to the idea of introducing ourselves to know the demographics of this community. After all, some of you are women and we all live far and wide apart.

But, uh, I'm an oddity in this group.
I'm a Jap guy. I speak English like a foreigner and I have been cashing in on it for some time now.

NAME: Oscar is close enough
ADDRESS: Oita, really obscure place
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: (Would you believe ...) Physician, but currently doing mainly research work. Also, earstwhile translator.
Also, I'm trying to write a novel. This site is great for inspiration.
STATUS: Married (and semi-retired from womanizing)
AGE: (The worst part!) 37yo (but in NY last year I was asked for a photo ID when I tried to buy a beer.)


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