August 26 2000 at 2:53 AM

Response to Read it...

dude i wish still had as much heart as you, but i fear it has been squeezed out over the years.

I tell you, the latest line if thought is the only way, this thing is dragging out, in the mean time you are losing your spirit, your confidence and wasting time.

It is good to think thing s through carefully, most people dont do it enough, but mate, you are thinking about it too much, now is the time to just go for it. Reading signs, what does she mean by this or that, she was cold one day and warm the next, what to do what to do, this could go on for years and it will wreck you.

I used to do this about every decision and one day i decided it had to stop, now i make up my mind and go for it. Whatever happens will happen, but at least I commited to an action and can move on to the next.

Shes might be undecided but by not going for it, but in a way you are too dude. do you want friends ? or do you want more? its that simple. If it spoils what you got then too bad man, is what you got really that good ? you care about her and you get to be with her but the whole time your really agonised about the way things are.

Put her to the test and see what happens. I really think it will go well for you. But even if she says no, well at least you will have taken some initiative and you can move on and stop worrying, cause you might be hurt by it but it wont damage you as much as waiting around being confused for goodness knows how long.

reach out and grab her dude !! dont be hesitant cause as evil said, she might get snapped up and that would feel very shithouse. You would never be able to get past it because of thinking about what COULD have been. do it !!! and find out what WILL be, the past cant be changed but you can do something while its here in the present.

good luck bro

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