May 1 2002 at 11:19 PM

Response to it's so easy....

Some people are like that ric, but I think most YDs are not. Sure, because we're AAA members, we will see a much lower proportion of fat women in our beds. But I don't think its a major issue for (most of us) to have a large one every once in a while. The essays have several examples of that kind of thing happening. Personally I fell hard for a "jumbo" Jgirl once, and an oversized Filipino girl had me chasing for a while too. The point is that while an 18" waist is fucking astounding, anything up to about twice that is decent. And hell, I've even seen some absolutely fucking huge girls who were just proportional enough and had such pretty faces and hair that it (almost ;)) made up for it. Personally I love petite Jgirls the best, but that doesn't rule out everyone who doesn't fit that standard.

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