Good response
August 23 2000 at 8:05 PM

Response to This proves it!

Yeah, when I meant he should go for broke, I didn't mean going down on bended knees and begging for him to love her or something, but rather that he should make every cunning effort he can to work her into an intimate situation. Personally I agreed with you on the sleeping the bed together thing that Kawama stated -- actually, to be honest, I think No Name must have some kind of amazing resistance skill because I sure as hell know that I could never sleep in the same bed with the girl of my dreams without something.. doesn't that drive you nut's No Name? when you can her breathing next to you, feel her body warmth? Jesus, I could never hold back, but I'm sukebe. Hey, just another piece of advice, women love a guy who smells good, so next time you're in the sack with her, wear something that turns her on. She won't be able to resist it.



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