I read this forum because...
December 3 2000 at 2:25 AM

Response to What do you think this forum is all about?

...you all facsinate me!!!!!
Such colorful people with such interesting interests!
Most of the times the posts are funny and very intelligently written(with the exception of mine and CDs(just kidding CD!! Har har hardy HAR!!!!).
by the way, Kris? Speaking(typing) of intelligent and interesting posts. Where did you get "THE ARTICLE" from "anonomous american playboy"???
I hope you put that shit in here as a joke. That fucker should be drug into the streets and stoned to death. Shooting him would be too humane.
Bastards like that give men, and particuarly gaijin, a bad fucking image. I feel dirty now. Thanks.
Japanese keyboards are fucked!! Too many goddamn keys and the space bar is only 2" long!! What up wit dat!??
What the hell happened to the girl picture contest??! I thought you guys were going to go throught with that one. I guess you decided it was kinda stupid? Or is it just me?
Stupid that is.
Maybe I just missed it.
Oh, Yeah! I havn`t had a chance to read all the new shit on account of it being so expensive TO DO NOW!! But I liked kawamas little article on nova. good if not just a litele angry in that kawama way! The way we all know and love like a little back woods short cut to our beloved grandmas house to go eat some fresh baked brownies.
Do people really make teaching(instructing)conversational english a career here?? I didn`t think it was possible to do after a certain age.
I couldn`t stand that!!! But speaking as a soon to be weed seller.......
I thought people only did that shit as a temporary thing. Either leaving the country after a couple of years or learning the language and finding a "real" job. The latter is my plan at least.
It just goes to show that I can always find out something neat here in the Young Dudes message forum!
I came here mostly to find out about japan from people who have either lived here or had currently resided here. That sounded weird after re-reading it. But I always feel free to annoy everyone here with non girly questions! Not "the young dudes guide to japanese muff(which it seemed to be about originally and continues to be on consecutive weekends.) but "The Young Dudes Guide To Japan"! Where it`s not all about the nookie so you can eat your cookie and stick it in your ear and stick it in your rear!!!!!
What ever the fuck that monkey jabbers about. I hate those cock diddlers.
Nice to be back.

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