1 Bitch Slap and a Retort
May 7 2002 at 12:33 AM
SIlver Tongue 

Response to Man..

Do, I repeat, do consume as much beer as you can while pondering your near fatal mistake. After that, keep drinking more beer. Once you start feeling full of loud-mouth soup (and rather pissed), start in on the shots of Yukon Jack.

Once shitfaced, do one of two things. Either you call up your current girlfriend--or another of the front-runners for some whiskey-dick action that'll let you pound all night, or get in touch with your geographically closest YD and go out on the prowl. Either way, my friend, you're getting laid, and the nasty feeling of low hanging fruit is outta your mind. I recommend choice two, but some people don't have that kind of moxie.

Repeat as necessary brother.

Silver Tongue.

PS: Did you go through the back door because the tomato truck was in town?

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