Cheers for the advice!
December 4 2000 at 1:13 PM

Response to Some questions (long!)

You asked quite a few questions - I'll try to fill you in...this is also long!

I'm actually not that hot on some of the details myself. If this were to go ahead I wouldn't be leaving for Japan until October 2001. The reason why I'm asking about it now is that now is the time that I should start the ball rolling if I decide that it is what I want to do - I'm pretty sure it is!

The way it works is this....It's organised by an Irish government agency. It's a very successful program and has been studied by the EU. It places Irish graduates all over the world but mainly Switzerland, Taiwan and Japan and is apparently really popular with foreign employers, who compete for the limited number of graduates on the program. What happens is that I apply stating my country of choice and they then match my CV to the requirements of the companies looking to recruit. If you are accepted on to the program you can expect to be interviewed by about 8 companies who send people all the way from Japan to carry out the interviews. If a company then makes an offer and the student accepts then ( say in March ) then nothing else happens for a while. After I finish college I submit my final exam results and if they're up to scratch then BINGO. Then in August I receive 7 weeks of initial language training and some do's and don'ts about the culture. Then when that's all over I set off in October next year.

I won't know what comapnies are involved until the interviews start, but they tend to be large multinationals - eg a friend did what I'm doing and worked for Canon. What quite often happens if you're succesfull is that having worked there for 2/3 years you may get the opportunity to return to Europe with the company in a senior role, or set up an Irish operation for the company - past participants have always done really well out of it.

Location as far as I know will be in or around a reasonably large city. In the past Tokyo, Saga, Ibaraki, Nagoya and lots others have been locations.

I don't know about what other foreigners are likely to be there but usually there is only one Irish graduate per company but in some cases that is as high as 15. I'm not bothered either way.

The contract isn't necessarily temporary. It will be for 2 years with the option to extend and will be a full time contract. I will be working as a normal japanese recruit will be. I will always have the option of returning if I want to after 2 years - that's what the Irish gov see as there potential pay back - grads with international experience working in the economy.

I'm willing to work hard so long as its not too bad - I've seen sample contracts that indicate that the hours (normal) are 9 - 5:30. Fingers crossed!

From what you say money should be handy. 300,000/month is a minimum plus I can expect about 3 months pay as bonus and they pay for flights home every year.

I'd better finish up now - I'm in college supposedly doing a computer lab! Cheers for the help - sorry about the long reply! Keep those honeys warm for me!


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