A genuine question for Smart Ass
July 30 2001 at 6:33 AM
Johnny Chicago 

Response to

Smart Ass, what are you thinking when you write your posts? I really can't figure it out. Are you just feeling pissed off and want to argue with people or what. You don't seem to care about the issues discussed on the forum. You only want to crack on the people who post here. Even your insults have no point. You don't argue with the ideas people put forth, you only stage personal attacks on people you could not possibly know anything about.

So why do you take the time to post here? If you were 12 years old sexually confused kid or a lab monkey that can reach a keyboard from its cage, I would understand why you say the things you do.

This being said I must give you credit for your anti-censorship stance. The personal attacks didn't make any more sense than your past ones, but at least you were trying to make some sort of point. To address that point, I can only say that this isn't an open street corner. It's a website belonging to and administered by people with a common interest. Nobody wants to sift through worthless commentary looking for the real posts. Moreover, the only people who get their IPs blocked were basically asking for it.

I do not normally endorse banning anyone from the site based solely on Kawama's personal sensibilities. However, he has set the bar for judging the worth of a post quite low and since he is the one taking time out of his day to keep things running he's entitled to make the judgement call. If he ever oversteps his bounds, people can always e-mail Kris and ask that someone else take over. While banning IPs in general is a bad thing, you still have a right to put up a fence if your neighbor takes a dump on your doorstep every morning.

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