August 25 2002 at 9:05 PM
Lady Killer 

Response to A sober response..

no, I don't have a doctorate, just 2 bachelors degrees. You're welcome to quiz me about them if you like.
I'm simply trying to tell you the hard facts about your scheme. I have no clue where you get this grand notion of applying for school grants and financial aid and then traveling the world. That shit just doesnt happen my friend. It especially doesnt happen for 4 years... its only interest free for that long if you're a student during that time. C'mon, you're kidding right.

I don't know how it works in the UK, but I'm sure it works very similair to the US. When you apply to recieve money for school, you must already be accepted to a university. So if your not accepted yet... scratch that idea until you are. Second, they give you the money for one semester. If you go globe hopping and drop your classes...no more money next semester and your in debt and possibly on academic probation depending on the university. If you invest extra effort into it, you could even fail your classes instead of dropping them. Then you're really fucked. Not to mention that you won't be recieving financial aid for school ever again, you also will be on academic suspension. A few years down the road if you decide you want that crisp, clean degree mounted on your wall and a college education... its going to be fake tits hard to get into any university.

So basically, if you don't want to do the university thing, apply for just one semesters worth of school funding, and then drop all of your classes and split with the money...thats fine. But as for the "it takes moeny to make money" thing.... the two or three grand your gonna get..isn't going to make you shit but in debt unless you're a drug dealer. I'd rather go to school for that semester learning Japanese, Computer Science, or what ever it is you're into, work a remedial job if I have to, and then apply for a transfer to a sister university in Japan.

I don't know..do what ever you have to. Those are just my observations and thoughts.


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