used to be......
August 28 2002 at 3:23 PM

Response to asians- pale or not?

That was one of my biggest impressions from when I first visited Osaka in 1992 "Damn! Everybody is soooo WHITE!! Almost as white as Micheal Jackson!!!"

My fish-belly-lookin' ass felt like I was as tan as Julio Iglesias compared to the locals. I didn't notice it so much when I went back there in 1999, but of course in '92 I was used to seeing the fairly dark Okinawans. So that probably why I was so surprised when finally seeing so many 'Yamato' Japanese. The Osaka hottie I was seeing at the time was whiter than me, too. She had literally had skin as white as milk. AND I MISS IT!!!!

These Kanto babes just don't have that same quality of white skin, IMHO. And I think it is all Amuro Namie's fault!!! She started the stupid tan/dark skin fad among the J-girls....Damn Her!!! In some sick, twisted plot of revenge against the Yamato for all of the real and imagined sufferings of the Ryukyu people at their hands, she is trying to get the to mainland Japanese to look like Okinawans!!!

Where have all the Kanto area Yamatonadeshiko gone?!?!?!?


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