April 25 2002 at 12:06 AM

I was hanging out with some buddies lately, and as usual they were ribbing me about not finding Western women pleasing. I mean, they were fine before I was blinded by the light and entered salvation, but now they just don't cut it. Now, I'm a pretty big fella, up I end up chillin with some big football player guys and fat guys. There's something odd about 10-odd dudes walking into a club looking like the damn Dallas Cowboys came to town. So every time I hang out with this group they gotta tell their dates and GFs and everyone else about me, the chink fetish guy, (they don't know the diff betwen Chinese and Japs) and try to turn me on to white women. It doesn't really matter because there's not too many asians around here anyway and if they know I'm AAA they don't seem to care.
Well, the other day one of these guys comes up to me after one such conversation and asks me "Do Japanese girls go for fat guys?" I was glad maybe someone was starting to see it my way, but not exactly this guy. Ya see, this dude's no Fat Albert, but he's probably got about 40 lbs in excess, enough to make most girls not look twice. I can't remember what I told him, but I wonder what the rest of you dudes think about it. Are there any among us who successfully bring down, extra flub and all? It's one thing that J-chicks go for thin half-decent guys, but I haven't seen any with a tubby on their side (unless they were one of the rare "big J-girls").

DISCUSS!!! (ISH) <-insert sarcastrophe here

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