If it's not too much trouble... (Japanese language help)
May 26 2002 at 7:00 PM

Hey dudes. Sorry to bother with this sort of thing on this site, but I was in need of some rather immediate assistence. I met this girl in Shinjuku the other day... she spoke Enough English and I speak Enough Japanese that we could communicate via the two languages and with gestures. So, I ended up getting her email address and I have since invited her to a movie. I typed it up in english and then the parts I knew, I typed in Romaji. So, she wrote me back saying something to the effect of .. "yes I would go to a movie with you".. but she is leaving for sixty day trip starting June 1. Now maybe I am already screwed and that was just bs to get me to not email her again, but hey, I figured why not find out. So.. there it leaves with my question. What would I say, in Japanese of course, that would indicate I would like to meet with her before June 1? I know you are probably mocking by mono lingual ass... but some help would be appreciated. Something like... "ahh, I hope you have fun on your trip... I would like to spend time/ hang out/ see you before you leave though.. If you dont have time for a movie, at least let me buy you lunch." Now I would use the online translators, (altavista etc) but needless to say, I don't really trust them. So, if anyone can give me the lowdown, it would be most appreciated.


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