August 3 2001 at 2:42 PM

Response to Who out there has actually shagged . . .

"However, many of the ones that we find attractive don't always measure up to native standards. And many of the ones that we can get, are not the hottest ones by Japanese ways of reckoning beauty."

Oh man, my greatest wet dream is that ALL the girls i like are deemed absolutely hideous by native standards! Are you kidding me? Trying to satisfy a standard of achievement that is outside even the realm of my desire (which is rather large to begin with) is just asking for trouble, if you ask me. Because, if you win her, then you've gotten somebody that you don't even find attractive. And if you don't, you've struck out with an ugly chick! Ha ha! No-win situation, IMHO.

"and now that I know, I am intrigued by the challenge of succeeding in that realm. But it seems near impossible, as these are precisely the people who have no interest in (or no need for) a gaijin."

Let them, then. And one day, I will have my army of hottie bodyguards. Selected from those overlooked by the Japanese 'standards of beauty', they will be trained from an early age in the dual arts of unarmed combat and sensual delight. And we will rest, contented, in our far-away mountain harem, locked away from the cares and cancers of the mundane world, and every man will be sorry for what he threw away and every woman will wish she had been. That is my dream.

Gotta have a dream.


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