I think we've determined
August 6 2001 at 10:03 AM

Response to Hummmmmmmm...

that you are not the person that I am talking about. In which case my initial post succeeded in getting someone to pull a story out of the closet.

Tell me, does this mean that you also did a fat lady in Hsi-men-ding? This guy was also called up to service a kept lady in the Hyatt, and I remember once that he went to a job only to find out that it was a sukebe old geezer who wanted to get it on with a white boy. Needless to say, he turned that one down.

BTW, CD, I've only recently found this forum, and in looking at previous postings, I have enjoyed your comments about Taipei. There are some comments that have been made (not necessarily by you) though which don't jibe with my own experience. There is all of this talk about Taiwan going through its "sexual revolution" now. These are clearly people who never visited "Buffalo Town" on Linsen N. Rd, in the 1980s. That was a meat market par excellence. I don't think you could get more revolutionary than some of the opera singers (i.e. chicks that scream for mercy in bed like there is no tomorrow) that frequented that joint.
I also came across a post about Chinese girls not liking to give oral (again, CD, I'm not saying that you said this, I'm just going off on a tangent here) - something which again does not jibe with my personal experience. Oh, how I miss those days!! I had a Taiwanese girl who would clean me out for breakfast!! Damn that is a good way to start the day!! I also remember early on trying to pull out before the deed was done (out of courtesy, of course - always the gentleman). This chick said that she "read" that guys feel better if they can go in a chick's mouth. Ever since then I have always regrtted that I did not ask her where she "read" this, as I would like to get a copy of whatever she read and have it made mandatory reading in say every high school's curriculum!! Here's to "well-read" Taiwanese girls!!!!!


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