A typical birthday...
April 12 2001 at 4:23 AM

It doesn't surprise me to find out mom hadn't given my birthday any thought, and yet it was only the night before. When I asked her about the subject, she asked me if there's anything I wanted and to call around looking for it. Well, honestly, I really wanted to get ahold of that promised English version of "Dance Dance Revolution", but it seems everytime I call a store asking for it, they seem to think I'm prank calling them or something. (It's somewhat sad to be working at Gamers and not be familiar with the gaming scene.) Well, to make a long story short, even after it's release being announced well over a month ago, not a store had it in stock...nor did they have a clue when they would be getting the shipment in (if ever). Finally, I figured I had way too many games I had yet to complete beating, so I told my mom I wanted to go to the bookstore. She drove me there and told me I could pick out any two I'd like as long as it didn't exceed over 50 bucks.

I easily picked out over a hundred dollars worth of books, and probably spent a good half an hour thumbing through them trying to decide which two I would want to buy. After giving it much thought, I picked out "Love, Hate, and Everything in Between" (A book on Japanese 'expressions'), "Basic Connections: Making Your Japanese Flow" (A book on all those lovely particals and how to use them), and I managed to slip in a cheap book titled "Japanese Vocabulary" (A dictionary of sorts arranged not by alphabetical order, rather by subject...which was...different) I had to shelf "American Fuji" (It looked slightly entertaining...), "Black Lotus", "Lonely Planet" (That book does look pretty interesting), "Roughing it in Japan", and Some cheap traveler's imitation of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (A collection of stories written by gaijin...I figured I'd get more interesting stories out of you guys ;))

I tried to talk mom into splurging enough to pick up two more interesting books, but she said her famous four words: "We can't afford it." I'm seriously thinking about cashing in that 'family dinner' tomorrow night, and begging my father to just hand me the money so I can go back and buy those other books. No offense, but I'd rather expand my library, than to make a public appearance with my family. I find it rather embarassing, and I'd get more out of the books in the long run.

In the meantime, I'm going to go organize my bookshelf a little...I finally have collected enough mangas, Japanese literature, and language books to give it it's own shelf...Now to dig through my room and find them. >.< I honestly have three english-japanese dictionaries. Not to brag.

Sorry for this silly rambling...I just had to bitch about how boring my 18th birthday really is. I haven't gotten to go clubbing, buy smokes, or buy porn. I feel left out. ;(

Ahh it feels good to bitch

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