New models..
August 29 2002 at 2:27 PM

Response to sweet!

Mine is a now old IDX9500. It has been a great resource for learning kanji and looking up words.

The only problem being it doesn't have an English-English dictionary.

Just looking at all the nasty newer models

and they are also lacking an Eng/Eng dict. All other makes seem to lack this as well. I figure if you're going to fork out all that $ for 4 or 5 dictionaries in 1, they could at least throw in an Eng/Eng ver..

The newest model which is the IDF 4500 seems to have an English dictionary.

I will start saving now and looking out for a bargain. The IDF3000 is supposed to be the best though.
But the Eng/Eng dict I think is a big plus for us gaijin.

Usually at a shop in Okachimachi (Takeya), you can pick up these dicts at about a third the recommended retail price.

My IDX-9500 was listed with Canon for 45000yen when I bought it about 5 years ago. In Akihabara I could find them for 25000. At Takeya I got mine for 15000. That was one day of price searching, purchasing, bimbo buying power.

Hopefully I can do the same again....

Ready to get a new one and keep one in the office and the new toy in my briefcase.

What they need to do is put all this in an internet capable keitai, with digi-cam, video conferencing, TV, GPS, music playing, cut my toenails, pocket knife that weighs less than a packet of cigarettes and pays all your bills. Then plug it into your ear and have it whisper how to speak fluent Japanese as you go.


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