Good question
September 2 2000 at 5:56 PM

Response to Nerdy guys who end up with babes....

It is disheartening for a Japanese to hear that Westerners who fall for our women are all nerds.Yet, I have met a lot of gaijin but have not met one techno geek. They must be somewhere but I have not found one.

A lot of gaijin i have met prefer Asian women but that is a relative term. Most gaijin men like Japanese women but most of them are not specialists. I met a marine who said he likes Asians and Hispanics, for example. But whatever their preference a lot of them seem to be fed up with white women and their attitude.

On the other hand, geek is a relative term. Who, in this time and age, has never touched a computer? What healthy male has never read pornography? And even if you meet the whole gamut of requirments for geekdom, it is often transitory. We do not live our entire lives in a world that can be simplistically divided into "geeks" and "jocks". We grow out of that sort of thing. Hey, I was a geek, too.

So a lot of people like Japanese women and a lot of them are not nerds. They may not be quite AAA but I do not think there is any reason to think that Asian women appeal only to geeks. That would be really simplistic.


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