Had a friend who
August 5 2001 at 7:17 AM

worked as a gigolo in Taipei for a while. He was young and reckless, and I guess that is what got him though it, but he ended up with some amazing stories.

On the one end, he went to the Hyatt Regency once where there was this weird guy who wanted him to screw a girl while he watched, and then he did her. The girl, as it turned out, was model quality, so it wasn't a bad deal.

On the other end was a similar scenario, except that it was in Hsi-men-ding, a kind of grimy section of Taipei, and the woman was fat and middle aged, and the guy sat in the corner masturbating.

Then there was quite a bit of more uneventful material in between. Anyone out there with similar tales?


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