Thanks for the info
April 15 2001 at 9:18 PM
Johnny Chicago 

Response to JC, dude, you forgot to mention...

I'd be very interested in reading the article if you come across it again. It was funny that you mentioned the number of lawyers in Japan. That statistic is mentioned in just about every academic legal article that discusses the supposed "overpopulation" of lawyers in the US whenever the economy is in the otearai. Of course these articles always talk about an underpopulation of lawyers when the economy is doing well.

The fact of the matter is that when people say there are only 13,000 lawyers in Japan they are only referring to licensed bengoshii. This class of legal professionals comprises only 2% of law school graduates each year. The rest of the Japanese law school graduates go onto perform tasks that only licensed attorneys practice in the US.

I know a graduate from Tokyo University Faculty of Law and she worked for a big shipping company (NHK Line) drafting contracts and negotiating trade deals. This type of work would be handled by a large law firm in the US, but her company handles it in house even though she technically isn't a lawyer (bengoshii). Of course that makes everyday business legal services much cheaper in Japan. But as long as I'm making the benjamins to pay back my student loans, I really don't care if Mr. CEO is going to have to do without his new Mercedes this year to pay off his company's legal bills.

Face it Kawama, no matter what the statistics may say on the surface, the world needs lawyers.

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