I may be in the minority...
May 11 2001 at 6:48 AM

Response to ???

...but I wasn't impressed. It was funny for about a minute and a half, then it got old. I can envision an equally ridiculous show about how Americans live, created by the Japanese...I think they'd call it "The Nude House of Wacky People..."

If this thing was a skit, then it's funny...but if it's a serious attempt at a TV show, well, back to the drawing board guys. SNL was right on the seeds when they did NHOWP because it clearly was not intended to be real...just as it was when they did Iron Chef skit and the Kaga character said "next week's ingredient" will be..."fish tumors"! Or how about the "secret" ingredient the Morimoto character bows to reverently before using it? It was "eel farts". I dig that kind of thing...'nigga'


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