Oh my God
August 7 2000 at 4:07 AM

Response to Brett wasn't the only one

That's almost the worst story of yours that I've heard, Evil. Maybe Brett (not actually his real name, sorry I forgot to mention that) is in even further in than he thinks- and he thinks it's pretty goddamn bad.
And now that I've put Brett's tale up here, I actually got one kinda like it. There was this girl named Yuki (fake name) whom I was on a three day camp kinda thing with. The deal was to get Japanese school kids and foreign exchange students together... with inevitable results. I'll leave the exact details to you guys (it is fairly ovbious) but she was the same- almost from the start she was all 'I love you' and that was creepy seeing as I'd known her for six hours. We didn't go too far (seiri-chu) but kept in touch even though she lived several hours on the shinkansen away, mainly because she was going to come and see me during the winter holiday... but she never did make it. We still write- but while she isn't/wasn't claiming it's destiny or whatever, she's still not moved on. She's actually coming to Australia soon. Should I be worried?
Anyone else got a similar story?

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