An Outline for a Movie
June 11 2001 at 2:22 AM

Three Guys, English, Welsh and American, gather at a nameless steelmill town in southern Japan on the strength of some lewd stories posted on an internet website. They meet an intense but irratic Japanese Guy who seems to be the only one in town who speaks English and discover that he is both more and less than they bargained for. Rationality contraindicates hanging with this guy (he is so hyper that he misses sleep for days, then crashes the car by falling asleep at the wheel), but the three guys follow him around partly because they are helpless without him, partly because of the promise of sexual pleasure with the foxes in the J-Guy's immediate environment. But the J-Guy is in the middle of a secret affair with a girl who could star in the next Stephen King movie while turning down girls that would make most guys drool. A slapstick comedy insues with insights into modern Japanese night life.

(Anyone care to write additions?)


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