Some of the world's greatest people...
August 26 2002 at 7:30 AM

Response to hehe..

... don't have college degrees. They also didn't need one because a) their skills are so unique and refined that they don't need documented justification of their worth - and, b) they're lucky bastards. Bill Gates usually gets brought up every time this topic comes up, but he's mostly an example of 'b', and not 'a'. Of course, dropping out of Harvard is probably worth more than a degree at most universities...

At any rate, I'm not going to give any lectures on going to college. Your parents have done that already. Besides - I'm a firm believer that a college education is not a necessary tool in life. I have never afforded any more respect to a doctor than I have the man that picks up my trash every morning (and let me tell you, the trashman makes a decent salary).

Using college loans as a tool can be a great idea - especially if your estimated family contribution value has fluctuated. My income is much higher this year than it was last year... but, my loans for this year are determined by last year's tax records. Result? A nice, fat deposit has recently been placed in my bank account. I'm taking it and studying in Japan for a year or two. I managed to find a school in Japan that charges much less for tuition than my university. And I have already arranged for my university to accept all of the work I will do in Japan for full credit. And I will be receiving more credits by going to Japan for a year than I could possibly receive at my university (that took a lot of convincing, but I charmed the dean into accepting it). And I'm allowed to work part-time while I am in Japan (they recently changed the student visa rules). I'll also be receiving full college loans while I'm there. The lucky part is this: I have a rent-free place to stay.

Sometimes, life can be pretty sweet by going with the system and working it to your advantage, rather than against the grain. It has taken a lot of effort and planning, but in the end, I'll be graduating sooner and making some extra money on the side. Not to mention life in Japan for two years. That's definitely a bonus. And, my credit rating will still be immaculate... So, if I actually want to use money to make money in the future, as you suggest, I'll have more credibility in reserve to support my chances.

So, anyway, I can see where you're going with this. But, I definitely implore you to seek more "legit" ways of going about it. You want to get back to Japan, right? And, furthermore, you want to make money, right? It seems to me that the first step is getting there. Maybe going to college (and studying abroad) really is the best choice. And, there is no rule that says being in college will prevent you from implementing your money-making plans. Every good plan has a backup. Consider it your back-up. Also, if you do something like study comp sci or web-design, you can make money while you're in college.

Anyway, I know we don't know each other, but I don't like to see anyone get burned. Don't let the lack of a 6-figure bank account fool you. People who gamble with life on the premise that they they have nothing to lose usually gain precisely that.

Will they take your beers? Nope... But just imagine getting a decent job, and then the government getting your paycheck before you do so they can take what you owe. Then, your $40,000/year job suddenly becomes a $20,000/year job... Then you gotta pay taxes...

If there's one thing in life that I've learned, it's this: the government has a lot of KY at their disposal, and they're more than willing to give it to you up the ass any time they damn well please.

Anyway, just be careful.

-Shadrin, who has been busting his ass for three years digging ditches (literally) under the hot sun to pay his tuition and living expenses, and knows what it's like to want a better life fast...

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