I don't get it....
May 22 2002 at 10:44 AM

Response to Oh!

Those fuckin nigger complainers. Shit, we don't hate em. We just want 'em to show us the respect we are entitled.

Sounds just like you, Danchan. Except it ain't your country.

Let's face it, gaijins in Japan are getting a lot more respect than, say, an Asian immigrant in America. In fact you generally get red carpet treatment, initially. Comparing this to the sorry treatment of Africans in Alabama is hysterical to say the least.

Let me paraphrase that cracker to explain our position.

"We just want you to show us the respect you are entitled."

If that sounds like a bad deal to you, you should (and I am glad that you did) pack up and go home.

What A great "dad" you are gonna make with that attitude.

I actually feel very sorry for your children. The "one drop" rule makes them the colored minority in the US while they could have gotten Masumi Okada-like treatment in Japan for the rest of their lives. And just because their father's hysterical sense of lost entitlement.

Oh, and on a related subject, unlike your site, it is not forbidden here to post obscenities so ...

Fuck You.


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