August 5 2001 at 1:08 AM

Response to Ace,

Ok, get ready... I'm 36. Every single day of my life people tell me I look 24 or 25. I have to show i.d. in
the u.s. always when I buy alcohol. I have done many things in my 36 years. I have played professional sports, played guitar in the pit band for a broadway play in N.Y., travelled a LOT, have learned 3 languages
besides English and am currently working on the 4th. (japanese), amateur magician, I play in 2 soccer leagues, a softball league and I work as an engineer.
I think this is one major factor as to why I do not have a girlfriend in the U.S. I am always on the go.

I came to Japan first just to see Asia. As soon soon as I got off that train in Ikebukuro I was on my way to becoming AAA. I like all kinds of women, but I prefer Asians for many reasons.

Please refer to my new thread about how long I'll be here.



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