My Situation: UPDATE
August 25 2000 at 6:56 PM

Response to My Situation


Thanks for all of the advice, I had already written a lengthy reply and I was about to send it when I found that Rumi had sent me an email.

She asked her husband for a divorce, he cried, she cried. Then something clicked and she discovered that she still had very strong feelings for him, stronger that the ones she had for me. She told me sheís wearing her wedding ring again and that theyíre planning a second honeymoon in the next few weeks. She said we could still be friends but to be honest, thatís the last thing I want right now.

So how am I feeling? Well even though I can sometimes have the Young Dudes attitude to life and woman, Iím finding it a nightmare right now. I really had feelings for her and now Iím feeling like utter shit. I think Iíll go away for a few days, get what money Iíve got in the bank and rent a cheap hotel room somewhere.

Bye Guys, thanks for listening



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