Work? What is this "work" you speak of?
September 2 2002 at 3:21 AM

Response to How do Dudes live in Europe??

Well, of course I don't live in Europe, but many things there are much the same as here in the good ole' US of A. Generally, guys are lazy, and would be fine working as little as possible (under the normal 40 hour work week); but I'm sure you know this. I can't imagine having a REAL job (as a salaryman) in Japan, working all the time, with no time to sit on my ass and do nothing (besides doing that work . Yah, much of the western world white-collared people are on the 9-5, and after that usually go home and lie around, maybe go to a bar, club etc. etc. Of course, I am also not married and have no kids...therefore no one to cheat on...sooo...hmmm...wait, I guess I'm not really qualified to answer this question then...ahem...yes. Thank you.

"Whew, that was quite a trip. OK, time to go home kids."
"Dad, we are home."
"That was fast."

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