Uhm.. not true.
August 5 2001 at 3:57 AM

Response to I'm curious...

I don't care which country you come from in Asia.. if you're Asian in any Asian country the people in it assume you speak the language.

I have had many friends go to Japan who are not Japanese and when they go somewhere they are chatted up in Japanese up until they have to stumble through saying that they're very sorry they don't know the language.

There are some distinct feature-differences between different sorts of asians, but I'd hate to assume I knew their nationality based on their looks. I'd get smacked a lot more often if I did.

Anyway.. am femme.. so might not be much help.. but I prefer short term flings. I'm way too young (in my opinion) to settle down. However, the bulk of my relationships end up long term in one way or another.

It has nothing to do with being open minded. I like to believe that most people are open minded if you give them a chance... or that's what I like to believe... I mean, movies more than anything else want to claim this great racial divide in America that I just don't see as much as I used to.

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