Dole Life
August 25 2002 at 8:14 AM

Response to Oh man...

The Student Loan game can be played for awhile, my first trip to Japan in 2000 was funded exclusively by a student loan of 3000 that was paid in three installments over just one year but they do eventually catch up with you. Just before I left for Japan for the second time in May, a letter came telling me that it was time to pay back the old student loan the second I get a job in the United Kingdom. Sure they can not take a penny (or yen) from me while I am in Japan but I know the day my ass lands back at Heathrow airport there will be a 3000 debt over my head. Not a nice welcome home eh?

As for dole life, the fun lasts for a week at most, getting up sometime in the middle of the afternoon soon makes you feel like shit and if that doesn't work, then seeing all your old school mates with brand new cars certainly will. Though I have to admit that dole life teaches you to be resourceful at least, the money you get is worth next to nothing and hell you learn to make that stretch longer than the average paycheck. I was on the dole for about three months before coming to Japan in May but in that time I managed to get a free business suit out of them (claim that you have nothing to wear to job interviews and they let you go shopping), extra money to pay for the bus ticket to the airport, a new suitcase and a few new language books too.

Just learn the tricks and you can usually get away with a lot of things but what ever you do, get out fast before they sign you up for job club, that shit is hell on earth!


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