Work in Sapporo ...
August 31 2002 at 10:13 PM

Hi guys !!!!

Nice to meet you. I will explain you the thing: I'm living here in Germany and I have a japanese girlfriend since nearly 3 years now. The long-distance thing is going very well and next year in April she will move here to Germany. We thought about to live in japan, but it's to difficult for me to get a Job there I think, because I'm not graduated from a college ( it isn't usual here ) and my Japanese isn't that perfect. Our plan is to live here in Germany for 5 years and then to move to Japan/Sapporo if there is a Job for me. So ... even if I can speak Japanese perfect, is it possible to get a Job in Sapporo !? I mean, because for Japanese education, diploms etc is very important, but I don't have it, since I've never went to a college. I wanted to ask you foreign guys, which are living in Japan ( Sapporo maybe ). I want to know what you've experienced. Thanks a lot !!!!

cu, NoiR

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