well.. I know it's a matter of opinion
August 4 2001 at 11:30 AM

Response to Actually, I don't know . . .

and I don't really think it's all that cultural anymore. I mean, classically Japanese men were attracted to necks over breasts, and if you go waaaay back when the ideal of beauty for a Japanese woman was a very round woman with long hair who never saw the light of day. ^^;; but then again, 100 years ago the ideal of beauty in the west was a good-sized woman with a terribly tiny waist...

It just seems that nowadays it's highly beauty in the eyes of the beholder, and I think there are some highly accurate 'cute' standards that are universal. Or that's how I see it anyway.

Although something else that interests me on this semi-related subject is how .. well, for example, I am attracted to these very perfect looking people. My ideal man would be something like Hakuei or maybe even the American equivalent would be Tommy Lee? very good looking in a very wierd way. And perfect femme.. any blonde perfect looking Japanese punk chick. .. what am I saying perfect looking.. they all look good.

But I never end up hitting on these sort of people, or flirting with them. I will have more interest in hitting on the less-than-perfect ones, or the ones who have potential to be that cool. I mean, my ex girlfriend was stacked.. I mean, she would be the queen of Kabukichou overnight if she didn't have such a stick up her ass, but even she had flaws. It's not like I've ever actively gone out of my way to fuck someone who I can say was my fantasy person exactly.

I mean, is this just some sort of insecure trip I've been on, or do other people do this? Have some high expectation of the sort of person who'd fill them for a night, and then when the opportunity struck, had no desire to go for it?

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