June 8 2001 at 8:09 PM

Response to Untitled

Just need to correct a gross misconception on your pyramid 'facts' -- They're taken right out of Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods", and they're really really wrong...

1) The pyramids aren't perfectly symmetrical. They're still pretty darn impressive for ancient engineers, but they're not anywhere near perfect. Guess what? They're not perfectly aligned either. Have a close look at photos of the pyramids showing all three...

2) the largest stone blocks in the pyramids are estimated to weigh approximately 50 tons. Most are about 5-8 tons. Not the 600 ton blocks that Von Daniken proposed. Just this alone throws off his figures by a huge factor.

3) Von daniken makes a big deal about how tightly the stones fit together, but this isn't true either. They were worked very well, and fit together nicely, but some have gaps a few inches wide between the stones, as opposed to the perfect "can't fit a sheet of paper between them" statistics of Von Daniken.

Most engineers agree that the pyramids could have easilly been built using contemporary tools and sledges (some of the tools still exist from the quarries where the stones were cut) and would have taken about 20 years apiece to build.. which is supported by Egyptian records of the time.
So don't believe anything you heard from Von Daniken.. he also claimed that the Easter Islanders could not have possibly erected the mysterious stone heads... and only a few years later, Thor Heyerdahl went there and actually did it with only a dozen people, some ropes and levers.


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