You want to know about me?
April 2 2001 at 6:08 AM

Response to Fat chicks

Gosh, I'm flattered!

I thought about maybe keeping my gender to myself, and throw in my two cents now and then...and if the topic arose, I could just lie and say I'm male. The only problem is it's not my nature to lie. Besides, I didn't think anyone else would really give a rats ass if a girl hopped in. I skimmed over some of the past entries and decided you're a pretty tolerant group, no?

Hmm... In all honesty, I accidently found this site trying to look for 'sexy japanese men' in gasps yahoo. (I should of known the majority of it would be links to gay porn sites. Not exactly what I was looking for..But I decided to try for the hell of it=D)
For some reason, I found this page, read the little overview, and thought that it didn't sound like the average "I love japan" page. I've read a couple that were pretty damn boring. (And also, once you've read one, you've pretty much read them all. Just like the growing number of 'original' Sailor Moon sights (*cough hack weeze*); the idea gets stale after so many trying to make webpages on their thoughts about the same things.) So I'd like to say kudos to the creator for making this site pretty damn cool. Yes, you say some controversial things, but I love the way you 'express' your opinions. It's nice seeing variety.

Ok..You still sure you want to know about me? Well, for starters I live in one of the most uneventful states in the U.S, Nebraska. The only thing that's constantly changing is the weather. I'm only 17, -but- in 10 days it will change. Soon It'll be considered legal to view such sexually explicit material, but I have for awhile already anyways. It's not like you've pulled the veil over my head or anything. God, if this is what lifted my veil of 'purity', that would be pretty sad. =p Besides, I'm sure you wouldn't necessarily want to pass up shagging a minor, would you? (I'm not offering myself there =p Just making a point ^.^) Anyways, enough about my age. Like most of you, I'm interested in Japan in more ways than one. I'm curently taking my third year of japanese, but what I know is so minute that it's pretty embarassing saying I've been studying that long. Maybe I'm the equivalent of knowing as much as first year college course? Ah, who knows! I'm hoping to recieve a scholarship to live in Shizouka for a year through my university. If I enjoy that, and I'm still living after I recieve my BA, maybe I'll apply for the JET program.

I will be honest. I seriously do want to pick up some of the language, and I don't plan on using the free ride to get drunk and meet men -everyday-. (Actually probably not much at all. Hangovers suck.)

Hmm...since this has become a novel instead of a small introductory post, I'll leave my link up to my little info page I made for my personal webpage. (The webpage itself has, and will remain in pieces, unless I'm etremely bored and have nothing else better to do.)


P.S. Oscar, your english is awesome! Probably better than mine, and I've been speaking it my whole damn life! Not only do you get alot of action, but you also are quite a brain too. (Which is not at all intended to be negative.) Oscar, you're my hero! =p rolls eyes and laughs


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