pop culture is universally rubbish
June 3 2001 at 6:35 PM

Response to Today's Popculture

... however, pop culture is for the young, (preteens to early 20's) when rubbish is what they value.

Sorry to sound so cynical, I'm not nearly so jaded as it sounds. But pop culture is meant to sell merchandise.. sell the CDs, t-shirts, video games, and movie tickets.
Look at pop music. 95% of today's pop music is not gonna be around (except on easy-listening radio) in 10 years... The better stuff will have more life.. I mean, look at The Beatles... they were practically the definition of a band selling out, making a mint, and after Beatlemania had died down they put out Sgt. Pepper and the White Album.. two of the greatest music albums in history (not just talking pop here), but they don't play any of that music on pop radio....

-- Here in Athens, Ohio.. a town which I will soon be leaving... I saw a young woman with a line of katakana tattooed around her upper arm.. I tried to read it and it didn't say anything at all. It was jibberish. She just thought it "looked cool"... I have no trouble believing this in the pop culture paradigm.


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