Movie about Japan? With Teachers?
August 25 2002 at 9:40 AM

I came up with an idea for a movie, and just wanted to see what the Young Dudes would think of it. It would be about three guys from America or some other English speaking place. They go to Japan to teach English. But the movie is about adventures they have in Japan. You know Women, clubs, something to show people how Japan is from the eyes of a young gaijin. It would have the love story and comedy all that stuff, something like Broken down palace, but set in Japan and a lot better, with out the jail. I know someone from here could write a kick as story for it, well better then I could. Just let me know, what you think, and don't steal my idea if you think its good. I want to be in it . Anyways just something on my mind, Oh ya it would be set in one of the larger cities.


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