They sell what sells
August 1 2001 at 1:00 AM

Response to I've a question about Japanese guys...

Japan has a fair share of mean looking motherfuckers. The fact that none of them ever make the tabloids is that the people who print the tabloids print what sells.

Obviously, the girls buy the gay looking pop stars. The guys who want to score are very concious of this, that is why Roppongi looks like faggot town sometimes. The regional difference has faded somewhat, but it used to be shocking to land in Tokyo after leaving Fukuoka.

Over the years, kids in Kyushu have emulated the Tokyo look - with irratic results. The bony guys of the south look like drag queens imitating the Shibuya style. They look better in Armanis

The saving grace, though, is that a disproportionate number of actors and rock stars still come from Kyushu. So somebody must like those barbarian looks.


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