hawaii impressions
May 9 2002 at 1:05 AM

well been here a few days and honestly i am not too impressed. waikiki beach was lame (but we found some sweet beaches by just driving around the island), and the quality of the chicks is sorely lacking. i reckon you could walk around waikiki for 10 years and not see the same number of hot japanese girls as you see on a sunday afternoon in shibuya. oh well. i did have one interesting episode with a vietnamese stripper at one of the overpriced strip clubs here, she had a perfect rack (although enhanced, USD$2500 to get them done she said), she was a fairly incompetent lap-dancer though. she also said she is moving to tokyo soon, in fact once i told her that i actually live in tokyo (she said she was moving before i told her where i live so i suspect it wasn't just a line) she started asking me about the strip clubs in roppongi and which ones were more reputable as she had no idea about japan (not that i have ever been to a strip club in tokyo either, but i didn't tell her that). so i gave her my email and told her to email me once she arrives in tokyo, hah! hopefully that will end up as an amusing story.

so does anyone have any more suggestions on cool things to do, places to see, clubs to go to? coz the clubs we have been to so far were pretty weak.

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