June 12 2001 at 10:23 AM

Response to Aliens built the pyramids, stress, and jgirls...

I'm glad this board is'nt all skeptics, I thought I was alone for a while in questioning what they taught us at school. Definitely go to Japan, it's not even a qustion, I don't care how much you love her. I haven't been but I'm counting down the days till november. I've turned myself into a hermit the last month saving every penny for japan, but it'll all be worth it. Who are your favourite DJ's? If you bring your 1200s and bust some scratching infront of the j-girls, I'm sure they'll go nuts. Tell them your famous.

  • Word up... - DJ Kogun on Jun 12, 2001, 7:40 PM
    • Untitled - Youngboy on Jun 12, 2001, 9:22 PM
      • Hell yeah! - DJ Kogun on Jun 13, 2001, 12:48 AM
        • wut up - Youngboy on Jun 14, 2001, 9:05 AM
      • Ahahahaha! - Kawama on Jun 13, 2001, 3:11 PM

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