The new utility of the dentist
August 24 2002 at 4:12 AM

Response to Re: back to basics!!

I didn't know they gave haircuts. LOL

Their was a funny story about Japanese porn some years ago. The rule was you couldn't show any pubic hair then. In the late eighties, some people started to abuse the rule by shaving their pubic hair and showing split beavers. These books were called viny-bon because the magazines were wrapped in vinyl dust covers to deter police detection. A lot of viny-bons were frauds. Since the wrappings meant that buyers didn't know what was inside either, you never knew what you got. Some of them depicted women so fat and ugly, you wonder how they found such beasts.

Meanwhile, art movies like "Prospero's Book" were edited because they crossed the "no pubic hair" rule. Government bureaucrats finally caught up with the situation and changed the rules. So naturally, the next big thing in pornography became "hair nudes". It started with has-been starlets and popular porn stars, but soon expanded to small actresses who wanted to expand their careers and finally to peak-of-their-career stars.

The "hair nude" boom became very big. But there was a small group of seemingly obvious contenders who were conspicuously missing from action. These were the semi-stars who made a fortune at the end of the viny-bon boom who surely must have had some steam left in them. The problem was, they had had their pubic hair plucked to better enhance their viny-bon careers. So they could only serve up "no hair nudes"!!


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