Hey! No need to rag on the south
August 1 2001 at 7:35 PM
Johnny Chicago 

Response to Untitled

Despite my moniker I was raised in Georgia and consider myself a distiguished southern gentleman (perverted obsessions with Asian girls aside). We don't all take turns on the Gerry Springer show. It seems that people from more rural areas always get the ignorant hick sterotypes pinned on them. An Edokken friend went to Aomori recently and couldn't stop ragging on the simple folk who live there. I'm curious, have you guys noticed that people from Tokyo look down on other parts of Japan or other Nihongo dialects?

I agree with MP that the assholes who fit the Ugly American stereotype are in the minority. Still I know the UAs are out there. In fact, I've been stuck on a plane with some of them before. It makes you want to shrink in your chair and start speaking to all the non-Americans with a fake French-Canadian accent. But since the the UAs are the most vocal, they are the ones who stick out in the crowd. Unfortunately, the nail that sticks out is more easy to spot, but rarely gets hammered down.

I must admit that your average American definitely knows less about international affairs than your average Asian or European, but I don't think we're more nationalistic than anybody else. In fact most Americans are amazed that Canadians have a knee jerk hostility towards us. The fact that we consider them the 51st state doesn't help matters Basically Americans think of Candians as being very similar to us, so we like them. Canadians on the other hand hate being compared to the US and are quick to launch into a laundry list of differences between our two countries.

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