What a twat...
August 29 2000 at 5:52 AM

Response to ...

No name, sort your shit out..that girl is never gonna keep your long-distance ''friendship'' going. So you said you cared for her and get all glowy inside and dreaming all that puppy-love shit because the relationship's moved, oh so slowly, might I add, that little step further. Now you'll go home and pour your heart into romantic love-letter's that'll give her an insight to even more of your feelings for her, with full confidence that she's gonna suddenly fall madly, deeply, truly in love with you and you'll elope together - even though you never had the bottle to even kiss her.

Get the fuck outta here, what do you think you're in a Jane Austen novel or something? You don't have a clue nigga, i swear, now some guy who's working with your chick and is older and has more experience than you is gonna come along and just pull her right outta that shit. He's not a bad guy, just lonely, got a little money, and one day he decide's he really dig's your chick. So they go on a couple of No Name style 'friendship dates' (snigger) and he instead does the correct thing by making his move after a week or so of knowing your chick - which is the proper time let me add. Another week more and they're in the sack, starting to fall in love. And he's gonna get her, because despite your loving letters, your chick already knows you lack the courage of your convictions, she's sick of waiting which is obvious. Nothing worse than a relationship going into that ''now we're too good friends to ever be lovers'' turf. That girls gonna think ''No name was a good friend, but I need a man who knows when to make the moves on me, and doesn't shit himself when I put my hand on his leg..oh this guys handsome''..vooom!!and then watch those letters she sends you become rarer and RARER. Fast forward two years in the future, when you've finally got laid and you know about life, you're thinking back to this time and saying ''What a dumb schmuck I was, I should've gone for it''..which is only what a bout a million have people have told you on this web-site. Too late faggot!! Now the only sexual connection you'll ever get with this chick is when you're spanking your man fat into the latest issue of Playboy, visualising her head over that of the model on the page.

What a dissapointing ending you gave us all man. Why'd you bother writing in here for advice when you didn't follow it anyway?Twat..if you can't get laid in Japan, where can you get laid?? damn boy you gonna marry an uuuuuugly woman


As long as there is guys like No Name, guy's like me will always get laid

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